About Craig Jensen

Celebrated computer programmer and inventor Craig Jensen developed Diskeeper, which remains the best-selling defragmentation software ever. Before founding Diskeeper Corporation, he began his career refurbishing telephones at Western Electric Company while studying Engineering at Northeastern University. As a high school student, Craig Jensen earned the honor of participating in the Telephone Executive Leader for a Day program, which allowed him to shadow the Chief Executive Officer of New England Telephone Company, thus inspiring the former’s love of technology. While at Northeastern, he programmed his first computer, a Control Data 3600 mainframe. Pursuing his passion, Mr. Jensen later worked for Applied Data Research in Princeton, New Jersey, designing the first virtual memory operating system for the PDP-11 computer. After working briefly as a contract programmer, he established Executive Software in March of 1981, which later became Diskeeper Corporation. 

Since the release of Diskeeper, Craig Jensen has maintained a place on the cutting edge of new technologies, concentrating his efforts on solid state drive memory. The new products that he has created include Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology, which allows storage devices to perform at higher speeds than rated, and HyperBoot, which makes Windows-based computers boot up in under 30 seconds. Mr. Jensen also helped design InvisiTasking, which virtually eliminated overhead for scanning processes. 

Outside of work, Craig Jensen enjoys indulging his passion for photography and maintains an active lifestyle through skiing and tennis. He donates to the Computer History Museum in addition to the Church of Scientology. For more information about him and his work, visit CraigJensen.com.